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10 Writing Tips from the Best

Who are the best writers, you ask? Well, everyone has their own opinion from Ernest Hemingway to Jane Austen, to Suzanne Collins and E. L. James.

Because this is my blog, I'm going to us 2 of my personal favourites, Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. I've taken these from countless articles and added my own insights in the hopes it will inspire your writing muse.

Here's what two of the best have to say about writing.

From Mr. King:

1. Write for yourself, then worry about the audience.

Because if you don't like it, no one else will.

2. Don't use the passive voice.

I had no idea I used so much passive voice until I tried one of those on-line editing programs and they told me exactly how much was passive. What an eye-opener! I have to admit, my writing is so much better when it's not passive

3. Read. If you don't have time to read, how can you think you have time to write?

This is my number one piece of advice I give to aspiring writers!

4. Avoid adverbs!

Everything in moderation

And my personal favourite:

5. "Writing is about getting happy."

And a few from Ms. Rowling:

1. Think of writing as work

If this is your life's dream, than stop thinking of it as a hobby

2. Finish what you start

Enough with the half-written WIPs in your drawer! Pull them out and figure out how to finish them!

3. Plan.

This could be argued because there are a lot of writers out there who write by the seat of their pants, but even they will have to admit that they plan out some part of their work.

4. Redraft and rewrite.

The first draft is s*%t. I think Hemingway said that, and he's right

5. And another good one

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