Action Chick Lit - Charlotte Dodd series

"...intriguing chick lit tale with a spy thriller twist!" Jersey Girl Reviews

Charlotte Dodd has only ever known the life of a spy.

Fast cars. Fun gadgets. Being able to kick serious ass. And, oh, saving the world a few times. Charlotte Dodd had been recruited as a teenager by her grandfather, along with three of her four brothers, but she’s the country’s top agent, the best they have. The only distraction in her life is Hamilton Short, whose hunky handler skills sometimes made her forget about saving the world. 

Only now, Charlotte can’t remember any of that life. All of her memories of being a spy are gone. 

Without knowing who or what she is, Charlotte is caught up in a mission of family against family, and she doesn’t know what to believe. Or who to trust. 

Saving the world? Charlotte is more worried about saving herself. All she wants is to find out the secrets of her past and then she'll deal with the rest. 

Find out the secrets of Charlotte Dodd today! First in the action-packed chick lit series 

Before she had a secret life…

Charlotte Dodd was an agent for the NIIA, a super secret branch of the Canadian government. You didn’t know Canada had spies? Of course, not, because they’re secret!
Stealing infectious diseases, blowing up a laboratory, being buried alive – all in a day’s work for Charlotte Dodd. 
Until this mission. When she finds out her mother’s alive.
There’s a reason some files should stay missing. 

If you like your chick lit with a side of action, grab the prequel to The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd.

The adventures of Charlotte Dodd continue with The Best Worst First Date Ever.

Tenley Scott is a single mother and owner of Soup du Jour. She’s full of nervous excitement for her date with Colin, the handsome Brit who’s been hanging around the café. 
She’s expecting casual conversation over drinks. Maybe dinner. Possibly a second date.
Not crazed ex-girlfriends, armed thugs, car crashes and a kidnapping. Worst date ever.

And then Tenley finds out about NIAA, the Canadian secret spy organization. Hello, Charlotte Dodd. 

In a move out of a sci-fi movie, Charlotte’s missing memories are implanted into Tenley’s mind, giving Tenley top secret information about the Agency, dangerous spy missions and Charlotte’s love, Hamilton Short. Now it’s a race to keep Tenley out of the hands of those who want the information and to find a way to get Charlotte out of her head.

It’s been a while since Tenley’s been on a date, but this date turns out worse – and better- than she ever expected!

"...a mad romp that is witty, entertaining and fast paced."

The adventures of Charlotte Dodd continue in The Hidden Past of Pippa McGovern.

There’s a reason Pippa is the It Girl of European espionage circles – she can steal anything from anywhere. 
Pippa’s risen to the top of her game by following three rules: Keep it simple. Nothing matters but the mission. Spies don’t fall in love. 
Her latest mission in Toronto won’t put the world in too much danger and she’ll get the hard-fought respect of Lysander Mochrie, the man who helped her become the best agent in Ireland. But Pippa knows this might be the mission that will turn her into one of the bad guys.

When the NIIA, led by Canadian super spy, Charlotte Dodd, foils Pippa’s latest mission, Pippa is hot on their heels to get back the info they stole. Lysander won’t stand for mistakes and Pippa’s got to finish what she started, whatever it takes. And if she can take down NIIA in the process, so much the better. She’s got a plan and it’s a good one, at least until a pair of blue eyes and a fast car get in her way and make her think twice about everything she’s ever believed in. 

Declan’s cute, funny and sweet but Pippa can’t forget Declan’s sister is the only one standing in Pippa’s way of completing her mission. 
There’s a reason spies don’t fall in love, especially with the good guys.

Charlotte knows she’s been a spy her whole life, but exactly what she’s done as Canada’s top agent is still fuzzy. But she’s still the best of the best, and that includes training new recruits Tenley and Pippa for a life working for NIIA. Living without her memories hasn’t slowed her down, and neither has been married to Ham Short, the head of the covert spy organization.
Charlotte’s never even thought of doing anything else, until Ham asks the question. Children?

Now Charlotte has the distraction of thinking about her future at the same time as her past pays a visit in the form of an old love she never knew existed. All this happens as she’s faced with her most difficult mission yet—cooking Christmas dinner.


Grab a seat at the table for the final Charlotte Dodd story and discover why she’s Canada’s favourite spy.

Romantic Comedy

Can a runaway bride find love with someone else’s jilted groom?

Flower shop owner Flora has waited years to say “I do” but when she gets to the altar, all she can say is “I can’t.” 

Ex-ballplayer Dean waits for his turn to find wedded bliss but has nothing to say when his bride-to-be texts that she’s not coming.

As Flora makes her escape from the chapel in Las Vegas, she barrels into Dean and it changes everything. 

They never expect to spend the night together.

One perfect night where they share everything but names, numbers, or even Facebook pages. In the morning, Dean leaves without waking Flora, thinking the note he leaves will be enough.

Maybe it would have been if Flora had found it.

Once they get back to the real world, Flora can’t stop thinking about Dean. And Dean keeps dreaming of Flora. Could they be closer than they think?

When fate steps in with a bouquet of flowers, will Flora and Dean get a second chance at love? And will they be ready to take it?

With a hint of Runaway Bride and a bit of Serendipity, Flora and Dean discover some love stories are perfectly played. 

Too bad there’s no recipe for love.

M.K. can bake anything for her patisserie—mouth-watering pastries, delicious macarons, buttery croissants. But a broken heart has left her hiding in the kitchen, dodging well-meaning match-ups, rather than trying to find Mr. Right.

Until a trip to Las Vegas leads her to the bright, white smile of Clay.

M.K. falls hard—fast, furious, sickening-sweet Instalove. And it’s the same for Clay. After a first date filled with cats and cupcakes and spiteful ex-girlfriends, M.K. and Clay know they’re meant to be together.

Sound perfect? It is—until an old girlfriend shows up and wants Clay to play Daddy with their son, a baby Clay never knew existed. M.K. doesn’t want to lose Clay, but babies have never part of her plan, especially someone else’s.

There’s no recipe for this.

In Perfectly Played, M.K. and Clay watched friends Flora and Dean fumble on their way to a happily ever after. Now it’s time for their story.

Find out more about the Oceanic Dreams series here

This stowaway sets sail for love!


Small-time con artist Siggy needs to get out of town fast. When she’s offered tickets on the legendary Oceanic Aphrodite cruise, Siggy jumps at the chance.  A week on a luxury cruise ship, with a suitcase full of clothes and all expenses paid? Yes, please! The only catch is that she has to pretend to be someone else. 

No problem. Siggy has no intention of getting close enough anyone to discover her secrets.

But this is the Oceanic Aphrodite and love is in the air. When Siggy sees assistant cruise director Will taking tickets, Cupid’s arrow hits the target. Luckily, Will’s too busy smiling at her to check out her fake passport because he’ll toss Siggy off the ship if he finds out about the scam. 

Onboard, dolphins and cameras and runaway ferrets bring Siggy and Will together. The more time they spend together, the more Siggy wants to tell him the truth. Cupid’s arrow has struck deep but is it worth it for Siggy to stop running?

Women's Fiction

Being sisters doesn't mean you get to be friends. At least not for Brenna and Cat.


"Holly Kerr has done a beautiful job of crafting a family with real relationships--and an absolute delight to read." - Amazon review


Meet the Skatt sisters - five redheads with absolutely nothing in common except the fierce love they have for each other. They’re famous in the tiny town of Forest Hills for their father leaving them, the ghost of their mother hanging around, and the endless fights between youngest sisters Brenna and Cat.


For 14 years, Brenna has been ignoring her sisters’ pleas to come home for holidays, birthdays or even Canada Day festivities. She’s too busy with her life in Vancouver; a life she’s proud of even though it doesn’t make her happy.

When Brenna’s life implodes, she has nowhere to go but home to Forest Hills, the tiny town in Northern Ontario with bad cell service, no Starbucks and well-meaning townsfolk who know her every move. Every mistake. And when Brenna comes home, she makes more than a few mistakes. From falling asleep in the bathroom of the local bar to her morning tryst with a much younger man, Brenna gives the town a lot to talk about. 

Living in Forest Hills, Cat’s tired of the town talking about her string of failed marriages, too many dogs and the fact she’s happy living with the ghost of their dead mother. Even though she’s finally stopped competing with Brenna, Cat doesn’t want her sister home, especially now that she’s found love with Brenna’s ex-boyfriend.

Will the two sisters be able to put aside the old grudges and work together? There’s a threat to the family back in town and Brenna and Cat’s knock-out, drag-down kitchen fight isn’t going to help matters.

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part.

Sometimes you have to let your sisters take care of you, even when you’re the one who’s always taken care of them

“…small town romance with wonderful characters. lots of drama and tons of love. It is women's fiction at its finest.” Amazon review

Meet the Skatt sisters - five redheads with absolutely nothing in common except the fierce love they have for each other. They’re famous in the tiny town of Forest Hills for their father leaving them, the ghost of their mother hanging around, and for eldest sister Maggie who raised them all.

Maggie and Mike are just as famous - a teenage pregnancy that ended in strong marriage and five daughters of their own. But when the unthinkable happens, Maggie stumbles through her grief, still unable to lean on her sisters, who are ready to do anything to help, including indulging Maggie’s weekly chats with Mike’s ghost. It seems like Mike has joined the spirit of their mother in the family home.

For eight months, Maggie found comfort with her talks with Mike's ghost, but some the list of things Maggie can’t bring herself to tell him adds up; things like grandbabies, and boyfriends, and Brady Todd, not to mention the fight with the customer at FoodMart and the visit from the police that leads to some big changes.

And Maggie can't tell Mike about the return of Ben Higgins, because how do you talk to the ghost of your dead husband about whether she's ready to move on with another man?

Luckily, Maggie's sisters are there for her, if she'll only let them.

Chick Lit

Casey’s ready to have a baby. But shouldn’t she pick a father first?

"Perfect for a bath and wine, or a read on the beach. Be warned, though, that I picked it up and finished it the next day. I was hooked."

Having a baby is the only thing Casey’s ever wanted, and at thirty-five, she thinks time is running out. Her roommates’ attempts to convince her otherwise fall on deaf ears – Casey wants a baby and she wants it now. But she needs a man to make that happen, and after the series of dating disasters she’s been through, Casey doesn’t want any part of a man near her.

Which makes getting pregnant a little difficult.

But when an ex-boyfriend, with perfect rom-com timing, walks back into her life, Casey thinks he might be the solution to getting everything she’s ever wanted.

 The only problem is that everything Casey has ever wanted is already right in front of her. Is there a chance that Casey can get her happily ever after all? 

Find out how Casey deals with the unexpected in Unexpecting

“All Casey ever wanted was to be a mom, but triplets??!!”  

This novella is the sequel to Unexpecting (Baby! Baby? Baby?!)

Having a baby was all Casey ever wanted, even though her friends were concerned with the lengths Casey had been willing to go to get pregnant. But all it took was a drunken night with friend/roommate J.B., along with an expired condom for Casey to get everything she ever dreamed about…and more. 

Six years after giving birth to triplets, married life with J.B. is a dream come true for Casey. Embracing being a soccer mom and family trips to the grocery store…now if she could only keep the kids from eating the olives out of her martinis. J.B. manages to juggle being a father and restaurant owner, and even insists Casey go on a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas with Brit and Morgan to celebrate Brit’s latest wedding – her BFF’s fourth trip down the aisle.

But just before Casey leaves for her trip, J.B. asks the question – does she want another baby? And Casey is shocked to find the answer isn’t as easy as she expected. 

Chick Lit with a twist

The only thing Josie wants for her 40th birthday is to get her girls back together. 

Lana, Meredith, and Poppy have been with Josie through thick and thin—through their tumultuous twenties, dealing with love and loss, through marriage and divorce and careers. But twenty years of friendship have begun to show some cracks and Josie knows an old fashioned girls’ night out will fix them all. And then maybe they can help Josie fix her marriage.


The plan was dinner, dancing…drinking…The night starts out drama-free as Lana, Meredith, and Poppy put their problems aside to make Josie’s wishes come true. It’s like old times, except they’re twenty years older and a lot has changed.


But the plan goes awry as the drinks add up and secrets begin come out, secrets that will change everything. How could these women have been so close, and yet not know anything about each other?


Girls’ night out turns deadly.


“…the ending literally caught me with my mouth hanging open.” - Samantha March, author of A Questionable Friendship

Love means having to share your popcorn, but Ruthie can’t seem to manage it. After sixteen proposals, she’s on her fourth engagement and has a feeling this one isn’t going to last longer than the others. Ruthie likes being the wild child who leaves a trail of broken hearts in her wake but who is she really hurting?

Fresh from a break-up, Trev is a teacher by day and screenwriter by night. He looks at this latest break-up as a good way to finish his movie. But how do you write a romantic comedy if you don’t believe in love?

After Ruthie pops into his life, Trev wants her help to finish his screenplay, but Ruthie is more interested in teaching Trev that opposites don’t attract, and enemies don’t always become lovers, because the more time she spends with him, the more she’s afraid he’s going to break her heart.

After Flora and M.K., now it's time to fall in love with Ruthie!

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