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New Release News!

My first release of 2021 is available now! Don't Want to Be Friends is out!

Don't Want to Be Friends is the second book in the Don't Sweet Romance series. It runs concurrently with Shae and Emmett's story, so you'll remember some of the same things happening, only this time they'll be from Neely and Grayson's point of view!

How do you fall out of love?

After years of unrequited love, Neely’s had enough of watching Dawson’s love life from a distance. She’s put her own life on hold for years so Shae can live her best life for their travel vlog, looking after Shae and fixing every issue. So why can’t she fix her own heart and get over Dawson?

Maybe all she needs is a little distraction.

Grayson Grant might be that distraction. The former baseball player has six weeks before he’s off the market and into the spotlight as The Suitor, the latest reality show that finds true love, and he’s more than happy to spend the time charming Neely out of love.

What starts out as a simple plan to fall out of love gets complicated when Neely and Grayson find out that it’s a lot easier falling into love.

Don’t Want to Be Friends is the second book in the Don’t Sweet Romance series but takes place concurrently with Shae and Emmett’s story. It’s a high-speed dance of enemies-to-friends, friends-to-lovers, and learning to let yourself fall in love. Find out if Neely and Grayson’s game of pretend turns real.

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