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It's been a while...

I haven't blogged in quite a while, mainly because I haven't had any book news to share, and I really didn't want to clog up your inbox with how I'm doing with Covid. I'm doing fine, in case you're wondering, and I really hope you are as well. This pandemic has been a challenge to all, and I'm no exception. Personally, I've had to adjust to a lot of new things - some good, some not so good. I like to say I'm hanging in there.

But I didn't want to talk about Covid!!

I want to tell you about my new book! I'm very excited about it!

Don't Tell Me You Love Me is the first in a new sweet romantic comedy series. It's the same genre as Perfectly Played, and in fact, a couple of characters from that series are in this one! I use Reuben and Adam from Pain au Chocolate patisserie to connect the books, and it's been a blast revisiting.

Despite working on this one during lockdown (which is a challenge with kids in the house!), it was a lot of fun to write. I love these characters - love them so much I have 2 more books planned. I'll tell you more about the sequels later, but here's Don't Tell Me You Love Me:

The only thing stopping Shae from living her best life is the fact that she’s dying.

Together with her social media followers, popular travel vlogger Shae hides her illness from the world and lives every day like it’s her last. Her picture-perfect life is only missing one thing—love because for Shae, it’s not better to have loved and lost—it’s better not to love at all.

Emmett knows all about loss—he had it all until the death of his wife sent his life spinning out of control. It took him three years to pull himself together, trading ball diamonds for the strawberry patch and sweet cornfields of the family farm but now it’s time for him to take another chance at love.

After Emmett escorts Shae down the aisle at his sister’s wedding, he falls hard. One glimpse of her fun-filled life and Emmett knows he’s ready to be a part of it.

As they spend more time together, Shae fights against her feelings. How can she let him love her when it’s only going to lead to more heartache? But it’s hard to keep her distance, especially when Emmet is fighting for her heart.

Is love the one thing Shae can’t live without?

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me is a picture-perfect tale of second chances, living your best life, and the right time for love. Fall in love with Shae and Emmett today.

Don't Tell Me You Love me will be available everywhere October 27 but you can pre-order your copy now for only 99 cents!

And if you'd like a sneak peek, here's Chapter One!

Stay safe and happy reading!

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