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It's release day for Charlotte Dodd!

The fifth and final Charlotte Dodd book, The Last Stand of Charlotte Dodd, is available today!

Charlotte knows she’s been a spy her whole life, but exactly what she’s done as Canada’s top agent is still fuzzy. But she’s still the best of the best, and that includes training new recruits Tenley and Pippa for a life working for NIIA. Living without her memories hasn’t slowed her down, and neither has been married to Ham Short, the head of the covert spy organization. Charlotte’s never even thought of doing anything else, until Ham asks the question. Children? Now Charlotte has the distraction of thinking about her future at the same time as her past pays a visit in the form of an old love she never knew existed. All this happens as she’s faced with her most difficult mission yet—cooking Christmas dinner. Grab a seat at the table for the final Charlotte Dodd story and discover why she’s Canada’s favourite spy.

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