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It's release day for The Hidden Past of Pippa McGovern!  ​

My books are like my children - I can't pick a favourite. But even with that, I have a soft spot for Pippa! I fell in love with her as soon as I came up with her - tough and sassy, with a heart of gold, despite her assurances that she's 'one of the bad guys.' And I developed quite the Irish accent writing her dialogue!!

This is the third novel in the Charlotte Dodd series, and although I had planned for it to be the last, I don't think I'm ready to put those Canadian spies into bed. So look for more Charlotte, Tenley and now Pippa around Christmas!!

Giveaway for my readers!

Haven't read my Charlotte Dodd series? Well, if you'd like to give it a try, send me an email showing that you've purchased a copy of Pippa and I'll send you a copy of The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd as well as The Best Worst First Date Ever!

Happy Reading!

Pippa is a good thief, a better spy and currently the It Girl of the European intelligence circles. She’s risen to the top by following three rules: Keep it simple. Nothing matters but the mission. Spies don’t fall in love.

She’s in the spy game for the sky-high paychecks and the cool toys. Her latest mission in Toronto won’t put the world in too much danger and she’ll get the hard-fought respect of Lysander Mochrie, the man who helped her become the best agent in Ireland. But Pippa knows this is the mission that will turn her into one of the bad guys, that is if she can keep Charlotte Dodd, the Canadian super spy, from getting the better of her."

Lysander won’t stand for mistakes and Pippa’s got to finish what she started, whatever it takes. She’s got a plan and it’s a good one, at least until a pair of blue eyes and a fast car get in her way and make her think twice about everything she’s ever believed in.

Declan’s cute, funny and sweet but Pippa can’t forget Declan’s sister is the only one standing in Pippa’s way of completing her mission.

There’s a reason spies don’t fall in love, especially with the good guys.

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