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Oceanic Dreams sets sail!

And the series has been featured on Little Miss Booklover Blog!

This is a complete new style of blog post for me- I haven’t read these books yet. However, I plan on working my way through each and every one of them. I also felt the need to share these books with my readers. I apologise my descriptions are vague- I will do a full review on each book.

I was so excited when I received an email from Kirsty McManus with information about this series. I have been eagerly awaiting her next book for what feels like ages. As I’ve said in previous posts I am a huge fan, plus all the covers in this series were designed by her- multi-talented lady.

These books can be read as a stand-alone or as a series. All books have the title of a song- which I think is pretty cool.


Book 1- I Saw Him Standing There- Holly Kerr

This book was released yesterday, I am already over half way through this book. It is fab. I make no secret of the fact that I’ve had to read this series because Kirsty McManus designed the covers and talked about them in her subscription email.

I am not disappointed, I am loving this book. This book sees Siggy (con artist) needing a way out of town. She ends up on a luxury cruise ship, but has to pose as someone else. Cupid’s arrow hits when Siggy meets Will, the assistant cruise director.

I honestly can’t wait to finish this book, I need to see what happens in the end. So far I love it and highly recommend it.

Full review to come later.

Book 2- Time of My Life- Laura Heffernan

This book is released on June 3rd- already I cannot wait. I have a feeling that this one will be another good one that I will love.

This book focuses on Janey, a dancer who is strictly forbidden from becoming involved with passengers. Janey’s partner becomes too ill to dance, Frank offers to fill in and is the perfect candidate with his background.

I cannot wait to read this book, I am eagerly counting down to the release date.

Full review to come later.

Book 3- Circle in the Sand- Tracy Krimmer

Released 17th June. Librarian Isla is going away for her birthday, with her friends. When her friend Asher receives attention- she feels threatened in an unfamiliar way.

I cannot wait for this book.

Full review to come later.

Book 4- I Thought it Was You- Kirsty McManus

I’ll say it again- Kirsty McManus is my favourite author. I am so excited for a new book. Release date- July 1st. Try any of her books- I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, they are fantastic!

This book will see Liv escaping a bad break up- what better way than going on a cruise? While she’s away, she realises her ex has drained her bank account- will she figure things out?

Full review to come later.

Book 5- I Will Follow Him-

Roll on July 15th- this book is released.

I cannot wait to read this book, private investigator spying on a groom on his stag do- I can tell this will be a fun read. The bonus is the release is just as I finish work for the summer.

Full review to come later.

Book 6- Take a Chance on Me

Released on July 29th.

The man of Selena’s dreams leaves with no explanation. Only to reappear years later and assigned to take care of her. Will old feelings reignite?

Full review to come later.

Book 7- Shut Up and Dance With Me

I couldn’t find a synopsis for this book, but I am still excited to get stuck in.

Full review to come later.

Book 8- The Best of You- Sophie Leigh Robbins

I cannot wait for this book. Holly books a last minute cruise to get away from cheating ex- even though the only one available is a singles cruise.

I can tell this will be a fun read and I honestly can’t wait.

Full review to come later.

I would highly recommend these books to my readers. They are all on my to be read list.

Once again, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please leave a comment if you’ve read any of these and let me know your thoughts.

Little Miss Book Lover xoxo


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