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Set Sail with a new Series!

Last year, I got together with a few other rom-com authors and came up with an idea for a series! Fast forward and we're almost ready to set sail!

Welcome to the Oceanic Dreams!

Legend says a person with an open heart will meet their true love within a day of boarding the Oceanic Aphrodite. Siggy’s on the run, Liv’s taking her first vacation in ages, and Holly just wants to get to one million subscribers. But each of them finds a bit more than she bargained for. Will these 8 Sassy Singles sail off into the sunset with their matches or abandon ship?

Check out my new Oceanic Dreams page here. And check out the first chapter of I Saw Him Standing There!

I Saw Him Standing There is the first book in the series, available May 20. But you can pre-order your copy now for only 99 cents!

Get ready to set sail on the love cruise!

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