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The follow-up for the sweet romantic comedy Perfectly Played is almost here...

I wasn't going to write a sequel for Perfectly Played until I got asked about M.K. and Clay's story. They're the BFFs who watched Flora and Dean find their HEA. Do they deserve their own story? Why, yes, survey shows that they do! So here it is, at the least the pre-order. Beautifull Baked will be available October 15.

Too bad there’s no recipe for love.

M.K. can bake anything for her patisserie—mouth-watering pastries, delicious macarons, buttery croissants. But a broken heart has left her hiding in the kitchen, dodging well-meaning match-ups, rather than trying to find Mr. Right.

Until a trip to Las Vegas leads her to the bright, white smile of Clay.

M.K. falls hard—fast, furious, sickening-sweet Instalove. And it’s the same for Clay. After a first date filled with cats and cupcakes and spiteful ex-girlfriends, M.K. and Clay know they’re meant to be together.

Sound perfect? It is—until an old girlfriend shows up and wants Clay to play Daddy with their son, a baby Clay never knew existed. M.K. doesn’t want to lose Clay, but babies have never part of her plan, especially someone else’s.

There’s no recipe for this.

In Perfectly Played, M.K. and Clay watched friends Flora and Dean fumble on their way to a happily ever after. Now it’s time for their story.

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