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Sequel is coming! Like - soon!

My very first published book Unexpecting was released almost four years ago. Of course that's not when Casey's story first began - no, I came up with Casey and her group of thirtysomething friends a long time before that!

And I've always had the idea of a sequel, thanks to readers telling me they wanted more about Casey. But I couldn't come up with a story - until now!

Casey finally got her Happily Ever After!

This novella is the sequel to Unexpecting (Baby! Baby? Baby?!)

Having a baby was all Casey ever wanted, even though her friends had been concerned with the lengths Casey had been willing to go to get pregnant. But all it took was a drunken night with friend/roommate J.B., along with an expired condom for Casey to get everything she ever dreamed about…and more.

Six years after giving birth to triplets, married life with J.B. has been a dream come true for Casey. She’s embraced being a soccer mom and family trips to the grocery store…now, if she could only keep the kids from eating the olives out of her martinis. J.B. manages to juggle being a father and restaurant owner, and even insists Casey agree to the girls’ weekend in Las Vegas with Brit and Morgan to celebrate Brit’s latest wedding – her BFF’s fourth trip down the aisle.

But just before Casey leaves for her trip, J.B. asks the question – does she want to have another baby? And Casey is shocked to find the answer isn’t as easy as she expected.

Unexpectingly Happily Ever After is available Sept. 21, 2018! But you can pre-order your copy now for only 99 cents! And if you haven't read Unexpecting, now's a great time to grab your copy. It's on sale, as well as Free when you sign up for Kindle Unlimited.

Pre-order UHEA here -

And get Unexpecting here -

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